Gilpin ‘Observations on the River Wye’ with Guide Phil Coates

Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the visit Reverend William Gilpin to the Wye Valley in 1770.

His visit led to the publication of the first travel guide book in history, ‘Observations on the River Wye, and several parts of South Wales, relative chiefly to Picturesque beauty’.
Such was the popularity of his work, that the River Wye became one of the birthplaces of British Tourism. Important cultural figures like William Wordsworth and JMW Turner swiftly followed in his tracks.

Now a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, The Wye Valley, with romantic sites, spectacular viewpoints and picturesque landscape, remains substantially as William Gilpin described – ‘If you have never navigated the Wye, you have seen nothing”.

Timings: Leave Leominster 9:00am., Hereford 9:30am., Ross 10:00am. Depart and travel back to Ross 6:30pm, Hereford 7:00pm and Leominster 7:30pm.

Costs: Including coach travel & tour guide £35.00 per person

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