Finders Keepers in Wallingford with antiques expert Karen Dalmeny

Today is a little different, but I hope you will enjoy this unique and fun experience.

We arrive in Wallingford, Oxfordshire for our lunch where we will meet our antiques expert Karen Dalmeny who some of you may know from the TV programme Dickenson’s Real Deal.

After lunch she will give us some top tips and a £10 note before we are let loose in Wallingford on our antique treasure hunt.
(There is an antiques centre nearby for those who do not wish to run from one side of town to the other!)

We will then meet up for coffee so Karen can evaluate our findings and select the winner or winning team who will receive a trophy for a bit of fun.
We all get to take home what we have bought too – Finders Keepers!

Fans of Midsomer Murders will recognise Wallingford as Causton, the capital of fictitious Midsomer County and the town where the show’s main characters Detectives Barnaby and Troy work.

Timings: Leave Leominster 8:00am, Hereford 8:30am, Ross 9:00am.
Depart and then to Ross 7:00pm, Hereford  7:30pm and  Leominster 8:00pm.

Including travel, 2 course roast lunch with cheesecake, afternoon coffee and a £10 note to buy your winning antique  £75.00 per person

For more details and to book, please CONTACT US