Dudley Canal Tour & National Trust Kinver Edge and Rock Houses

This unique Canal Tunnel connects with a 200 year-old system of limestone mines, branch tunnels and open ivy curtained canal basins. Our skipper will take us on a 45 minute guided underground boat trip which will take us back in time along with two audio visual shows.
After our tour we have time for lunch here before heading to our next visit.

The restored Rock Houses are fascinating for their unusual construction, and we will be able to see how they are carved straight into the richly coloured sandstone. Inside we can soak up the atmosphere of these unusual homes with crackling fires and volunteers ready to share anecdotes of the families that lived here until as recently as the 1960s.

Coach parking is a short walk from the Rock Houses and they are wheelchair accessible, as are some areas of the surrounding Kinver Edge countryside which we have time to explore.    Hot and cold drinks will be available before our departure

Timings: Leave Ross 9:00am., Hereford 9:30am., Leominster 10:00am.
Depart 5pm & travel back to Leominster 6:30pm, Hereford 7:00pm & Ross 7:30pm.   Costs: Travel costs, canal tour, entry to Rock Houses   £34.00 per person for NT members  & £39.00 for non NT members (for entry into Kinver Edge)

For more details and to book, please CONTACT US