Bridgnorth & Upton Cressett

We head North today for an interesting visit to an historic town and heritage property.

Bridgnorth, in reality, is two towns: the High Town (good views down) and the Low Town (good views up). Now connected by the steepest inland funicular railway in Britain. The Low Town was once a thriving port along the banks of the River Severn, while the High Town held the castle, the churches, and many fine 16th and 17th century mansions. Here we have free time for a walk around and a spot of lunch.

After lunch we head to the grand Upton Cressett Hall, with its huge twisted 16th century brick chimneys and 15th century Great Hall. It stands in extensive topiary gardens next to a Norman church and one of the finest turreted gatehouses in the country. In The Best Thousand Houses In England, Simon Jenkins refers to Upton Cressett as an ‘Elizabethan gem’.

The Hall and Gatehouse has a long tradition of hospitality including hosting such historic figures as the eldest ‘Prince in the Tower’ – King Edward V – in 1483, Prince Rupert of the Rhine in 1646 and prime ministers. After being restored by Sir Bill Cash MP and his wife Bridget in the early 1970s, the Hall is now the family home of writer William Cash and his wife Lady Laura Cash who has her millinery studio in the grounds.

Timings: Leave Ross 8:45am, Hereford 9:30am, Leominster 10:00am.
Depart 4:30pm, then Leominster 6:00pm, Hereford 6:30pm and Ross 7:00pm.

Cost: Including travel, admission, tour afternoon tea/coffee and cake £39.00

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