Aerospace Bristol with a Guided Tour of Concorde

The start of the museum takes us from the beginnings of the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company in 1910 all the way through to the modern day, where we will explore cutting-edge technology, and look ahead to an exciting future, discovering how the next generation of engineers will continue to push aerospace technology to new heights and reach for the stars.
A visit to Aerospace Bristol is a chance to travel through the decades, enjoy interactive and amazing exhibits – including aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, satellites, engines and more – and discover the stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.
Step aboard the last Concorde – The stunning centrepiece of our visit will be Concorde Alpha Foxtrot: the last of the iconic supersonic passenger jets to be built and the last to fly. Newly opened to visitors in October 2017.
Timings: Leave Leominster 9:00am., Hereford at 9:30am., Ross on Wye at 10:00am.  Depart at 5pm and travel back to Ross at 6:30pm, Hereford at 7pm and then Leominster at 7:20pm.
Costs: Travel costs, entry and 45 minute guided tour £35.00 per person

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