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To book enjoyable day trips by coach from Leominster, Hereford & Ross for like minded people or to find out about things to do in Herefordshire, please get in touch.

Herefordshire Day Trips

It really is a great time to visit the area this year with so many hidden gems still waiting to be discovered through a number of day trips, tours, itineraries and interesting things to do in Herefordshire.

If that is not enough to whet your appetite, Herefordshire has an exciting array of events and celebrations taking place that will encourage more visitors and groups to the area over the next few years.

Heritage Country House Tours

Heritage Country House Tours offer trips for members to enjoy by coach. There are a great variety of trips each year and not always to country houses, although these still figure largely in our visits.

In the winter especially there are visits to the theatre, plays, concerts, opera, ballet etc. at Cardiff, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Malvern, Bristol or Stratford upon Avon.

In the summer we organise day trips to gardens, rivers, canals, trains and  visits to museums, art galleries, historical sites as well as churches, cathedrals, cities and towns.


Enjoyable day trips by coach from Leominster, Hereford & Ross

Top 10 Tips for Itinerary ideas

If you are an organiser of a group, coach operator or tour operator looking for something a little different and new to offer in your programme, please take a look at our Top 10 Itineraries for inspiration.
To book an enjoyable day out and things to do in Herefordshire with Rural Concierge, please CLICK HERE TO BOOK. Or, if you are a group organiser looking for things to do and prefer to book one of the Top 10 Itinerary Ideas, please contact me directly